Sadie Turns Two | The Party Post

Yes, in normal party day fashion things were CR-azy! I didn't get to do half of the "last minute" things I needed to do. The strawberries weren't dipped and sprinkled...b/c the lady forgot to put them in my buggy, and when I went back to get them they had re-shelved them....then the ones I picked were too ripe...yada yada yada. Thank goodness I bought some blueberries as a backup, there were barely any strawberries I could use. ahhhh, the joys of party day. However, aside from that and a few other minor details, we had an absolute blast partying with 65 friends and family...yes, we were worried for a moment we had not bought enough burgers and hotdogs! I'm beyond grateful that so many celebrated with us, it being the 4th of July weekend, we honestly didn't expect that many, but are SURE GLAD they came. It was the PERFECT spot at the PERFECT time. Late afternoon, cool, shade, creek, playground, awesomeness. Sadie of course was exhausted by that time of the day, but a bit more carefree. This is how she gets after the point of cranky...carefree. I likey. This year, she ate cake and shared it, obviously! Wasn't so much for the presents, by the time we got around to them. After this pic, I had to put the camera down and open them myself.

The rocket poppers were fun, but would have been better if I could have filled them with confetti. I used oatmeal instead and it wasn't light and didn't stay floating in the air long enough. Boo! But the cleanup was zippo, that's a nice tradeoff.

Sparklers. Yes, it IS the 4th. Note to self: park doesn't allow sparklers. Lesson learned.

Yes, our sweet 1lb 7oz miracle is now a 25lb two year old, can't believe it! (she's holding up two, one on each hand)

If you came, we really really do appreciate you and your love for our little girl!