Mommy Monday | The Great School Debate

If you've had children, you've endured the process of the "great school debate."  This, no doubt, one of the hardest decisions yet for me as a parent. Especially having traveling around the world. My eyes have definitely been "opened" to different learning techniques utilized by other people and cultures. For sure, almost by default, we have a tendency to think the way we've always learned is the "right" way... not the case. I've seen languages learned in areas that have NO written language. How could this be? No language textbook to study? No written tests to take? No alphabet to memorize? Nope. Love, love, love what I read recently on a Montessori School's website, "Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment."

I'm not convinced that our current national school system of hammering in facts in preparation for tests is the method I want my child to learn by. Just sayin' My SAT score did nothing for my life, other than getting me into Clemson. Big whoop. Honestly, I learned more traveling the world than I did at Clemson. Through cultural experiences, I learned things that changed my life and made me a lover of people and God.

Ok, Mommies. I know some of you agree and some disagree. Maybe you just haven't given it much thought...

I was dead serious when I told my friend recently that we really need not substitute convenience and ease for quality, and cheat our children of the learning opportunity they deserve.

Ahhhh, so where to go, where to go. She's two and I know she's ready for a learning environment with other children. She's just that kind of kid. I'm excited but I want the right place.

K. So some of you mommies haven't commented in a while, and I know you guys have thoughts or experiences. Do share!