I'm alive....but by myself!

Ahhhh! Where have I been?? You might have spotted me on the stage at the pageant doing my best to wrangle a 2 year old...shoulda let her walk out there totally by herself...

maybe you've seen me at a school or two, meeting teachers.

Or perhaps you over heard me in the studio, laughing with the voice over ladies about how silly I sound recorded. Wha??? It's a surprise.

If you've been peeking in my window at night you'd know I've been up to my ears in satin flower bows and teeny pearl bracelets.

Yes, it's "school startin' back," "apple festival preparation" time of the year.

Not to mention my assistant was out this week getting ready to have that sweet baby girl, which we are SO ready to meet!

Yup, I've been photo shootin' just not bloggin. I know. It stinks. I'm just having so much fun. The bloggy-do was last, wait, it wasn't even on my to-do this week.

Speaking of "to-do" lists, I've figured it out. TIMED to-do lists work great for me!

Apple Fest next weekend...maybe I'll have a chance to blog some of the newborns I'll be shootin' next week in between now and then!

Oh one last thing...anyone have a GREAT apple recipe? I want to enter the apple baking contest next week. I need a good recipe that uses fresh apples!