The Harvest | Chattooga Belle Farm, Long Creek SC

Now that Sadie is in school a couple of mornings a week I have a "little" extra time on my hands...the school issue that's for another post.... Normally I take her picking with me, but this time I knew we might be squeezing some juice so I thought it might be a tad easier by myself. The muscadines are so beautiful and clustered. It took me maybe 30-45 minutes to pick two bushels, about 80lbs! I didn't keep that many though, I don't need THAT much juice or jelly! We squeezed about 40lbs for a gallon and a half of juice, then I took the hulls and pulp home to cook down for jelly. Muscadine is my absolute favorite jelly. Not to give away the surprise, but my family should be sure of their christmas gifts this year...peach butter and muscadine jelly. :) Get your biscuits ready, y'all!

Also, this is in NO WAY affiliated with the farm, but I mentioned on facebook and want to mention here. I believe so much in supporting local farming and agriculture. I think there's a generation who wants to know where their food is coming from...who wants fresh...who's willing to pay a little extra, or work a little harder to prepare food that's nutritious. I think I'm part of that generation and I hope you are too. Go buy your ticket to the FARM to TABLE dinner at, if I see you there (and I know who you are - you should introduce yourself if I don't) and you're a blog reader or facebook "fan" I'll mail you a $25 gift certificate to the studio!

Props to Mr. Land for the picture of myself!