Shop Local Hints

So maybe you need a little help...Christmas is coming! Look....Santa's already been here to play with the kiddos!Now is your chance to get your local shopping on. Here are some helpful hints for some great local stops. Westminster

  • You Name It - Oh, the natural soaps I LOVE are on SALE! They smell so good I could eat 'em. Go grab some for stocking stuffers and while you're there have something personalized. A cup, a bag, a charm, go get it!
  • Moon's Drug Store has some great collegiate items and sweet knick knacks for the home/garden.
  • Taylors On Main, Westminster's newest store has all sorts of goodies. My favorite things, HANDMADE WOODEN TOYS! I am in LOVE, they're towards the back of the store. Also, they have the cutest little knit hats, booties, sweaters for little girls. Again, in LOVE.
  • Dad's and Lad's - As always, the stop for the man of the house. Great boots, jeans and hats!
  • Wishbrook Furnishings - GREAT furniture (just got a Paula Dean desk and love it!), as well as framed artwork. Great prices!
  • Whitewater - Did you know they have a zipline. Zipline tickets would make a really cool gift for that hard to buy for person, or for the guy/gal that loves an adventure. As always they also have rafting tickets I'm sure you could prepurchase too.
  • Chattooga Belle Farm - I hear they have apple jelly and apple bbq sauce 60% off!
  • Yoders Wearhouse (between seneca and westminster) - they'll be opening at 6am and the entire store is 15% off.

Other Paces I love in the Seneca area...

  • The Learning Safari - for GREAT purposeful toys. Wooden things, unique toys, great small baby toys too. Puppets, etc.
  • Southern Scrapbook - Albums and things...or just a gift certificate!
  • The Booksmith - who doesn't like books or magazines? Can't go wrong there!
  • Downtown Seneca with the art shops...definitely something original there. The Artist Loft, The Red Door, just a couple of my favorites to name a few.

Hope you find time to shop local. Make it your goal to buy all or at the least 50% of your gifts local. If you have some favorite local shops please comment and let us know where and what you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!