Custom Photo Jewelry

Jewelry crafting, I'm loving it. Had so much fun this season, crafting up some unique items for you guys. All but one piece sold that I made this year! Here's a little collage of a few, with images in the charms...since I always post them without the images, thought it might be nice for you to see the finished product. I've been doing a bit of hand stamping as well. Just simple one letter monograms, etc.

2 things I dig about jewelry making. 1-I can do it when I feel like it. 2-I can do what ever I want. There's one thing about being a photographer/commissioned artist. Gotta be creative on demand, with what you're given. THIS is sometimes the hardest part of my job, for me creativity normally comes in phases. Keeping this phase rolling at all times can be draining. Jewelry allows me the opportunity to drift along on the phases, no pressures, no demands, using whatever elements appeal to me at that moment. ahhhhh, breath of fresh air.