Joy To The World!

It's Christmas! Hope you're all having a great celebration of family, friends and most of all the reason for it all....the birth of Jesus Christ. Try this with the kiddos:

Cut out the shape of an angel about 5 inches high in a piece of dark construction paper (let everyone trace and cut out their own angel too), give your child(ren) a flashlight, and turn down the lights. Using your flashlight read Luke 2:8-14. When you get to verse 9 shine the flashlight beam through your paper so an angel appears on the wall. When you get to verse 13 have the whole family project their angels on the wall.

Hebrews 1:6 - and when he brought his supreme Son into the world, God said, "Let all of God's angels worship him."Sadie Mae in her school Christmas play 2011. She's the one with the big grin. :)