Austin & Paige | Seneca SC Wedding Photography

Oh sweet Paige. She called wanting to intern. Things took a turn during my pregnancy and she never got the chance.

Fast forward 2 years, Paige gets engaged...and we find ourselves finally meeting face to face. These two. We connected quickly, our faith a common bond.

Austin following in the footsteps of his Dad and Granddad, attending seminary. Gentle and quiet.

Paige creative and bubbly, eager to start a life with the man she loves.

Somehow, between that initial meeting and the wedding, Paige got the chance for an intern of sorts and helped me in the studio during the holiday months. There's no way I would have survived without her!

God really knows who we need..and when we need them.

I'm so thankful for these two. Their eagerness for love, marriage, and God's will for their lives is an inspiration. Often when Paige would describe the things she just couldn't wait to do as a wife I would think back on that same excitement I had...and sometimes wonder where it went.

Love is for sure a place in need of constant renewing.

Paige and Austin...

A young couple.

Taking nothing for granted.

Rejoicing in the small things.

A refreshing thing to see.

Some of my favorite moments...

  • Paige making it a priority to get her entire bridal party and family to the mountain for a first glance and pics, she'll never regret that!
  • A traditional church's been so long since I photographed one it was a nice change.
  • My favorite Hymn sung in Romanian, pass the tissues please!
  • Austin's dance solo at the reception...whaaaaa?!!
  • The southern tradition of changing before leaving, not many do that these days...

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