500 Unique Visitors!

Yes, we set a record over the weekend. We had 500 unique visitors to the website in one day. We are averaging about 300 a day...soooooooo. If each person that visits would give just $10 at the GHS link on the post below, we would have $3000 for the NICU in just one day! Let's all give $10 just once.

FYI: I'm editing angel sessions like a mad woman, have about 20 or so more to go. They'll be all edited and up here on the blog for the $1 per vote photo contest on Thursday, March 1st!!!! Get your pennies ready. I've set the goal for $10,000 this year, but to be honest...I'm secretly hoping for $20,000. We already have almost $1000 and the voting hasn't even started!