Meet Katie | Wall of Hope

My personal mission statement for this year's charity event "sharing out of brokenness, to give healing to a community"

Most of my blog readers have heard our NICU story again and again

This year's goal, to share with you the lives of others, for the benefit of us all

This family's mission the same

As members of the family advisory council they council NICU families with situations such as theirs.

Things seem normal here with Katie, but they've also endured the loss of two sweet premature babies.

A harsh reality of premature birth, loss.

The beauty of it all...

Their ability to encourage others.

Helping others, helps one to heal, I'm convinced.

What joy Katie has brought to their lives.

Dad confirms that for them, "things have come full circle."

If you'd like to sponsor Katie's wall portrait, to be displayed on the walls leading to the NICU, below is the link where you can give. Any amount over the cost of printing will be applied to our goal of 1 sound ear, 1 IV finder, and 5 breast milk warmers for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Greenville Hospital System. All gifts are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt from the Greenville Hospital System.

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