Meet Lahna & Olivia | Wall of Hope

Almost impossible for me to tell these two apart. Identical twins.

Never thought about it much, until Mom mentioned something...

One of the girls came home from the NICU before the other.

Ah! How hard would that be?

They both need for them to be separated...and you only able to be in one place at a time.

What a struggle for a Mom or Dad.

I've photographed several multiples that had been in the NICU and just really never given that much thought.

I had no other children when Sadie Mae was there and it was hard enough to know when to stay and when to go home for rest.

How blessed, two miracles at the same time.

Sweet Angels who are doing great!


If you'd like to sponsor Lahna & Livy's wall portrait, to be displayed on the walls leading to the NICU, below is the link where you can give. Any amount over the cost of printing will be applied to our goal of 1 sound ear, 1 IV finder, and 5 breast milk warmers for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Greenville Hospital System. All gifts are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt from the Greenville Hospital System.

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