Meet Layla | Wall of Hope

Born last summer, Layla was a micro preemie, a 28 weeker. Pretty sure her sister adores her.

Technically she's 9 months old, but wearing 6 months clothes.

There's so many things mentally to wrap your head around with a preemie.

Having a full term baby before Layla, I imagine even harder for this mom to adjust.

Imagine a 9 month old baby not sitting, not trying to crawl, but more like a 3-4 month old.

A parent of a preemie is constantly having to adjust the age back to the "due date" just to get the mind to comprehend.

It's a completely different world.

I remember nothing seemed "normal"

That's one reason we are honoring these families with the wall of hope.

As a preemie parent, there are many things you miss.

Bringing your baby home right after birth....sometimes it's a month or longer before you are able to even hold your baby.

Family and friends visiting and loving on the baby...only a select few are able to visit during the NICU stay.

Breast feeding...micro preemies are fed by a tube, a drop every few hours, too small and fragile to even attempt to breast feed.

It's hard to imagine if you haven't been there.

I hope in some way, these posts have conveyed how important the NICU is in helping families cope with such unusual circumstances, and how fragile the lives are they work hard to save, every day. If you'd like to sponsor Layla's wall portrait, to be displayed on the walls leading to the NICU, below is the link where you can give. Any amount over the cost of printing will be applied to our goal of 1 sound ear, 1 IV finder, and 5 breast milk warmers for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Greenville Hospital System. All gifts are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt from the Greenville Hospital System.

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