Spring Portraits

Spring is closer than you think!If you haven't booked your spring portrait session, April and May are beautiful months, and the local park with waterfalls opens next month. Reserve early for the best choice of dates and times.

Remember portraits in the apple orchard last year? We'll give it a go again this year, keep watching for the "they're blooming" announcement in May. I'll have 3 spots available for reservation, and may open more depending on the bloom and my schedule. First come, first serve. I see it all the time. Kid turns 2 and pictures cease. I WILL have to say I don't take quite as many pics of Sadie Mae...but I still make it a priority to do something creative, styled, and fun every now and then. I passed by this sweet daffodil patch the other day and just happened to know who owned it. Yay! Always important to get permission when shooting on private property, fyi. I remembered I bought this yellow vintage slip/dress/tutu...who knows what it is...at a local antique shop a year or so ago. I really wanted a hat or headband for her, but just couldn't find what I liked. Then I meant to grab my pearls....forgot those too! I only had a small window of opportunity, so I decided simple is best and to just go with it. Besides "fru-fru" is so over done. In love with these......big prints on my wall, yes please!The wind was blowing her hair and skirt...she thought it was funny....her "Marilyn" pose!