Wall of Hope

The Wall of Hope project for the Greenville Hospital System Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has officially begun. It's running right along side our portrait charity event Rescued by Love. The Wall of Hope is only for a select few Neonatal Intensive Care Unit grads, but the Rescued by Love is for anyone! If you haven't signed up for your "Angel" portrait session NEXT week. Don't hesitate any longer. I'd like at least 20 more participants. Tell your friends. The more that participate the more money for the NICU! Go here to reserve your spot, http://www.mytiffineyportraits.com/payment So, after a long night in the ER with our baby, reserving that story for a later post maybe, I was greeted by this smiling face bright and early. Our first Wall of Hope session, sweet Luke. Cannot wait to share with you all about these families, what they've been through, and how the NICU has played such a vital role in saving these sweet babies lives. You are in for a real treat...a real "pick me up!" These kids and families are seriously such an inspiration, so honest about their struggles; where they've come from and the road they have ahead. A few minutes of photographing them is seriously not enough time to get to know them as much as I'd like.

Can't wait for you to meet them too.