A Nurse and Her Primary | Wall of Hope

Last but NOT least, Nurse Andi and her primary. If you're wondering what a "primary" is, each baby is assigned a "head" nurse...best way I can think to explain it.

A nurse is most always on duty with the primary when working.

However, nurses definitely take care of more babies than just their primary on any given shift.

I also, in my own terms, defined our primary nurse for Sadie Mae as someone who took care of us too! Making sure we knew what was going on, a daily care taker contact.

Just thought that might be helpful explained, because if you've never been in the NICU sometimes the terms are quite foreign.

I had an assistant for this little session, my friend and incredible encourager, Bridgett.

While we were standing in the NICU she mentions "everything is so quite...I can't believe all these babies are this quite."

Then it hits me.

A memory.

In the archives deep.

I remember the first time I actually heard Sadie Mae cry. It was a happy day.

Imagine waiting weeks or months to hear your baby cry.

I shared with Bridgett and she said "Wow, those little things Moms take for granted. I didn't realize."

So, here's the sweet story about Andi.

She was a 29 weeker, 2lbs 10oz, about 30 years ago...in the Bryan NICU at GHS!

She now dedicates her life to helping premature infants like herself.

She's been a nurse at GHS for 4 years, how awesome!

Talk about giving back!

...and it looks to me like her primary LOVES her!

FYI: Tomorrow's post, the winners of our 2012 Rescued By Love Portrait Contest! Also, details on our total funds raised!

If you'd like to sponsor Andi's wall portrait, to be displayed on the walls leading to the NICU, below is the link where you can give. Any amount over the cost of printing will be applied to our goal of 1 sound ear, 1 IV finder, and 5 breast milk warmers for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Greenville Hospital System. All gifts are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt from the Greenville Hospital System.

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