Birth Photography

By far one of my favorite things to photograph. I would do this and only this if it would pay my bills....and wasn't so unpredictable!

I missed the actual birth of sweet Mattie, but they held out for some important moments until I got there.

Sooooo in love with this.

I think I really value this type of photography because of what we went through with Sadie Mae's birth.

We didn't get these moments.

She was bagged, then hooked up to lots of machines.

It was weeks before she got her first "bath."

Maybe that's what makes these moments so special for me...maybe even almost as special as it is for the parents...

My birth photography includes a disk of images, and there are special discounts for baby club members!

AND shall I say, it is so important that any photographer you have for this sort of situation understands lighting, how to work a camera on manual, use available light at times, and has the equipment to manage low light conditions. It's not rocket science by any means...but all birth photography is not created equal.

The photographer should also be considerate of hospital policies, nurse other words, stay out of the way.....AND disguise private things when able, although not always necessary.

I can provide references for my work if you're thinking of hiring me for your special delivery! You won't regret it.