Rescued By Love Winners

I'm so PROUD to announce we had over 230 donors, and raised a record-breaking $15088.79 for the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of GHS Children's Hospital, during our 2012 Rescued By Love Portrait Charity Event! This is almost double what we did last year, more donors, and $5,000 over our goal...proud, proud, proud... I'm one proud lady!

Your generosity provided a Sound Ear, A Vein Finder, and four Breast Milk Warmers for our local NICU, all of which will ensure better care and faster recovery time for some of the most fragile patients! Your gifts will also help provide an extension of the Wall of Hope, a special display on the halls leading to the NICU that features former NICU patients who've now grown up into healthy, happy children and adults. This wall is an amazing source of encouragement for families who are able to see these former patients and draw strength from reading their stories.

Below are our winners shown in order. The #1 spot secured again by #33 the Roach girls, our winners in 2011! They raised a little over $1700 alone, and will be our calendar cover girls! The top 4,  #33 Roach, #12 Davis, #5 Evans, and #3 Schumpert all raised over $1000! Our other top participants #28 Hobgood, #23 Johnson, #27 Williams, #21 Crain, #18 Addis, #13 Keith, #19 Williams, #34 Jones, #15 Wilbanks, raised anywhere from over $900 to a little over $400...I'm so proud of you ALL! Congratulations on a job well done! I'm super excited that many of these were NICU babies at GHS!

Calendar Orders: All calendars should be pre-ordered, details at, by April 1st. We will print mid April and have them ready for pickup or shipping at the end of April.

EVERYONE gets a disk PRINTABLE up to a 4x6, for your efforts, and as my THANK YOU! Disks will be ready for pickup last week in March. Those of you who live in Greenville and beyond we will mail!