Wall of Hope Ceremony

Since 2010, I waited for this moment. Something so far out of reach, a reality in just 2 years.

Emotional to say the least.

Hopefully, as in the words of my sweet friend Bridgett, my emotions gave permission for the families to express their emotions.

What a blessing to see, each family touched so deeply.

I hope it was as special for them as it was for me.

I hope it's a memory they will always carry.

A celebration they can always reference.

That moment that might somehow replace all the things they might have "missed" as a preemie parent.

Thank you for celebrating with us, all of you. Rescued by Love participants and Wall of Hope families and friends.

Here's a sweet video GHS Giving posted on their blog today. Click here to go read the story too, it's great!

I'm wearing today, my precious gift from Jennifer and Laura....a silver necklace with a foot print and hand print on one side and engraving on the back....love it!

I've got to say some serious thank yous.....

First to my hubby and sweet girl. He never complains and always encourages my crazy ideas. Love him, and of course Sadie Mae who inspires us everyday. She woke me this morning singing "won't my momma be so proud of me" ...her favorite song right now, Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee. I thought, there's not a more fitting way to end such a beautiful event. I AM proud of you Sadie Mae. Will always be. You'll do great things.

Second to my incredible assistant Erica. I cannot say enough about her. She has been such a blessing to the studio in the last month or so that she's come on board. She has really stepped up to the plate. She is such a great "helper" one of the kindest spirits I know.

Third to my friend and encourager, Bridgett. I'm about to cry writing this.... She has been with me from the very beginning of my work with Greenville Hospital. When we were told we couldn't, she walked out of that meeting and said we can. I'm so proud to have her as my friend and I'm excited about the next project her and I are dreaming up!

Lastly for the lovely ladies at GHS. Jennifer Parker, Jennifer Griffin, Laura Meister, Rachel Balck, these ladies have been so helpful and have been so supportive of "me doing my thing." They've trusted me with so much. I am forever grateful for their help in so many ways. I just can't say enough about how easy they've made this entire process. You guys I'll always think of as great friends. Thank you!

Sponsors Included: Publix Supermarkets - food, Hogan Construction, Davis Electrical and Plumbing,  WHCC - portrait printing, and Friends and Family of Wall of Hope Participants and Rescued By Love Participants.