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MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL: Mother's Day is quickly approaching. I have quick Mother's Day sessions I am offering Saturday in Clemson a 6:30 spot is still available and Monday of next week, late afternoon 6:30-7, in Westminster. Email me at for details. Quick 15 minute sessions, affordable session fee that includes a necklace! We all know Moms love jewelry...especially jewelry that includes their baby's photo! Perfect gift DADS! I KNOW some of you read. Here are the necklace choices. PIMPING FOR CLUBERS:

Yep I'm pimping two of my baby club babies for this weekend's March of Dimes event.

Sweet Timothy - this year's ambassadors! Such a little ham this sweet boy. Be looking for a guest blog post from his Mommy soon! She's the bomb at cooking and freezing meals, a huge time saver for busy Moms. Must be her Italian heritage shining....we all know an Italian can cook! GIVE QUICK HERE: GO TIMOTHY'S TROOPS!

Sweet Elly - last year's ambassadors! Elly was born almost identical to Sadie Mae's birth, 25 weeks, so scary. She is doing great now. Thanks to the Bryan NICU and the great work of the March of Dimes. GIVE QUICK HERE: GO ELLY'S WARRIORS!

Quick heads up Baby Club Moms: I'm preparing a spa day at the office for you all! Be looking for the invite. If you have some spa-like services, businesses, you already enjoy message me and maybe we can get them on board!

Next weeks posts, all about being a Mommy. Stories from me and a few other Moms.....