How to choose a wedding photographer

If the ceremony means everything to you, then I'm probably a good fit. By far my favorite moment to photograph at a wedding is during the ceremony. I remember mine. Although only about 5 minutes long.

I cried through the entire thing. It.meant.that.much.

Many churches are turning to the "no photographer on the floor photographing during the ceremony" rule. I completely understand.

If you're hiring a photographer ask them where they'll be during the ceremony. They should have the right equipment so that they don't HAVE to be at the alter with you. Especially in the situation of a smaller aisle like this church. I was in the back the entire time and still captured some great moments.

Shame on you photographers who are interrupting ceremonies with your shinanigans. You make us all look bad. Ha!

I also used zero flash. The digital equipment available to us now is so great!

Again, beautiful Maggie and Justin in stunning St Luke United Methodist Church in Walhalla, SC. One of the prettiest Oconee churches and the priest is super nice. If you're looking for a church you should visit them!