Location Bridal Portraits | Westminster Photographer

Sweet Maggie. LOVE that this family booked me again.

Bummed this was the LAST wedding celebration.

We'll just look forward to the babies now... I suppose.

I say that with NO pressure, sisters Maggie and Brittany.

Before I showcase Maggie and Justin's wedding, wanted to show off a few of her bridal portraits.

LOVE them!

We photographed at 3 amazing locations, Chattooga Belle Farm, Ramsey Preserve (recently featured at the independent film festival), and Calyx Farms.

I will NEVER forget our shoot at Chattooga Belle. It was that ONE frigid day we had in Feb, I seriously could not feel my hands and face for 10 minutes after stepping in from the cold. I think with the wind chill, it was like 15 degrees.

Without a doubt, Maggie gets the bravest bride award.

She didn't complain once, and kept the biggest grin on her face. Love her for that!

Maggie makes a lovely farmer's wife.

She seriously has that calm, sweet attitude...what you would think a farmer's wife to be.

Big congrats to you Maggie!

Wedding post coming up soon....

Flowers by Glenda, at Glenda's Florist. Beautiful, with cotton!!!