Maternity Portraits | North Carolina

All the way from Japan. Not just for me, although I'd like to think so.

In town for the holidays to see family.

After driving through a hail storm and dodging sprinkles... things finally cleared, sorta.

Her hair held up nicely.

However, when I got back in my car, I couldn't say the same for mine. ugh

She's the type of pregnant lady that can be photographed from all angles.

Normally photographing lower than the belly is a no no.

Makes things look much bigger than they really are...I always think eew, when I see amateurs making that mistake.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, and she was definitely one of them!

So tiny.

All baby.

Heck, I even made her run a time or two.

Pretty sure that was the first time I have ever asked a pregnant lady to run during a session.

Her hubs, reminded me soooo much of my bro.

Come to find out they have similar occupations. cool.

Now, for the chance to travel to Japan to photograph a newborn.

THAT would be incredible.

Maybe, impossible.

But, incredible.

At least they'll come back home to Cashiers...

Thanks guys, a pleasure to meet you and photograph such a special moment!