Mother's Day Portraits

So I've been really "missing in action" lately. I had a slight computer catastrophie Monday morning first thing. Like, my main computer wouldn't even turn ON! I've almost got the issue resolved, I hope. So, activity should get back to normal soon. Orders, calendars, etc, have been on hold this week, but we will work hard to get things processed as soon as possible when equipment is back running as normal. Also, I have a BEAUTIFUL wedding to feature as soon as I'm able. Until then, a quick Mother's Day post. I remember how special my first Mother's day was...especially after our NICU experience and the fact that it took us so long to have a child. I remember making it a point to take a picture on that day, my first Mother's day.

I seriously did not understand the value of photography, completely, until I had a baby. They grow so quickly.

While the dust has surely settled from the charity event I have some time for limited edition "Mommy and Me" sessions at the park! I'm opening this to be very flexible, for evenings between now and Mother's day.

This will be an affordable, quick session. Get in touch and let's schedule something. This is open for Mothers with multiple children, grandmother's, etc.

Email me:

I did a complete session with sweet Rose and her mommy, nana, and grandma at the park, pics below. Loved it! Made me think to do that with my family this year....