6 Month Portraits | Studio Photography

I repeat...do NOT miss your baby's six month portraits. This is by FAR the most fun session you'll have. This age is so inquisitive and interactive. They normally enjoy several things; rolling, sitting, crawling, sucking on toes or jewelry or fingers or whatever else can be found, smiling, playing, giggling, and occasionally a pout.

I love six month portraits on the white, classic, clean, simple for your baby's multiple expressions. Do not miss this age, again I repeat, you'll be glad you made the effort in a few months when they're running around...trust me.

Gracious....she's so doggone cute!

I should add that she's sporting a custom Tiffiney bracelet too.  We'll have more of these at the Baby Fair for sale, on Saturday at the Shaver Complex in Seneca! My assistant Erica will be there, stop by and say hi!