Blessed | Mother's Day

Love my sweet girl. Proud of her recent potty adventures. All of a sudden it clicked.

In just the last month or so her speech development has really moved along quite nicely. That's the one thing that sorta lagged. I knew she'd catch on. She's just so smart. I know, every parent's child is the smartest kid ever.... #guilty

She is so stinkin' strong willed. Can't blame her. She fought for every breath, her first months. It will be to her benefit one day. Geez if she follows in the footsteps of Mommy and Papa, as a business owner, she'll need that personality of "do or die" for sure.

Her first year of school is almost up. Had a little Mother's day celebration in her class this week. Here's a little snipit...

Bumble Bee Song Video

Teacher made a little photo album of her days at school. In LOVE. That was the best gift EVER!

I had been wondering why she was hooked on a couple of songs. Here's her and I singing in the car upon her demand of course.

Baby Bumble Bee Song

Click here for Jesus Loves me... (be sure to watch your volume, she screams this one....I'm glad she's so sure Jesus loves her. Ha!)

Following up on the Wall of Hope news, the ladies at GHS and some of my close friends were scheming to get Sadie Mae on the wall with all of those other lovely kiddos. I found out about it, long story short, I'm printing her portrait now for the wall. So excited that they thought it important, and were working to make it happen. Honored really. The story they wrote for us is so super nice. I'll share when it's on the wall.

So here we are.

She's almost three.

Hard to believe.

I love her more than words could ever express.

Glad to be a Mommy.