Sadie Mae Fun Run | 2012

If you've been following the blog for very long, you're aware of the Foothills 5k and Sadie Mae fun run held annually in Westminster. They named the kids race, Sadie Mae Fun Run, in honor of our little girl. It was not long after we were out of the NICU that the race formed, and they were inspired by her story of survival at just 25 weeks. This race benefits a local non-profit, the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center.

We are honored every year to run with her.

This year I handed my camera to a friend and took off with her. Of course, like last year, she was carried part way...but wanted down to run through the balloon finish line. She thought it was so cool. Forget the medal, just give a girl a balloon! I love her. Thanks Christi for taking my camera! You're hired.