Weekend Activities

Hey, bring your kiddos out this morning to the Foothills 5k and join the Sadie Mae Fun Run (kids only race) at 9am, Main Street Westminster! Yes, it's named after my sweet little dumplin' ...she's getting a head start on the race. Here's her practicing running out the school door her last day of school. haha! That's her in the middle...with her two cousins.Gosh she's growing so fast. I do have to say I absolutely LOVE her age. She's been playing pretend and talking about all sorts of things. What I love best is she sings lots. She was randomly humming the other day as we strolled through the antique store. I wanted to just keep walking around and listen to her forever. K. Enough Mommy antics....when you finish the race this morning hop on over to the Shaver Complex in Seneca 10-1. Lots of free stuff. A gift certificate from me up for grabs, and we have our baby jewelery, hats, headbands, and bows there for purchase. My assistant Erica will be happy to help you!