Wheat Field Portraits

So, this is the "hay" portraits I've been mentioning in my email blasts and facebook...changed my mind. Wheat was what I meant, but didn't say. It's beautiful and golden and really ready for harvest. The recent rain is slowing the harvest just a bit. Yay for us! It's possible that I'll have some openings next week for a few sessions. If you're interested contact me asap. First come, first serve. These are standard sessions only, standard fees apply. Those of you who got Rescued by Love gift certificates in 2011, this would be a great time to use them!

I'm working with this awesome farmer (these are his girls) for portraits throughout the year, hay for the fall. His fields always look so nice. Remember Maggie & Justin's engagement last year, click here.

Ahhh, I love small towns and how everyone helps everyone. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else....

Sounds kinda cheesy but I find something so magical about agriculture, something so creative. God's pretty awesome.