Archive Policy Changes

IMPORTANT: We are changing our policies on archiving images. The previous policy stated that ALL images after 30 days of online session posting, would then be archived for ordering later, as needed, with a minimum order requirement. This policy is changing immediately. We will no longer archive images. You'll have 30 days to make your print/digital selections.

*There is ONE exception. All of our baby club sessions will continue to be archived, until further notice.

This brings me to ALL of these images we have archived, almost 400 disks of work--with several clients on just one disk. As well as 35mm negatives from WAY back in the day. haha! If you are interested in purchasing your images in digital format or negatives, contact us by June 30th. We will offer digital files/negatives, as we currently do, calculated individually considering orders that have previously been placed. After June 30th we cannot guarantee your images will still be on file.

This will save us SO much time and resources, as well as facilitate a smoother workflow for our studio. We also understand that the face of photography has somewhat changed with this digital age. We do want to remind you that we do offer digital files, click here. This way you can archive and keep your OWN images FOREVER, passing them down to generation after generation! Yeah!

UPDATE: Thanks to those of you who have inquired about your images! I think I've finally gotten back to you all. We are pricing archived digital files on an individual basis. Please note: this is a one time deal. As we clean out our archives. Disks later own would be purchased as shown on the website,, within the 30 day order time frame. Ahhhhh I already feel the freedom in my workflow! :)