Spa Night | Baby Club Mommies

Super excited that our spa night, for all present and past baby club mommies, is coming together so nicely. Remember, an rsvp was necessary, and the deadline has passed. It will be here in just a couple of weeks! July 27th, Friday night, from 6:30-until. Excited about one of our spa partners, Merle Norman of Seneca. These gals are lovely. Many of my clients go here for photo shoot/wedding makeup.

They've been so kind, and have agreed to go all out with services for our night by providing facials and waxing/threading. Super duper pumped. I just had to stop by their shop to try things out...after all, I gotta make sure the treatment works. ;)Disclaimer: hard to take pics of yourself with a 5d I used my iphone. 

Of course, it didn't disappoint. My skin is super sensitive since having a baby...and wrecking it with bare minerals makeup a couple years ago. boo. Just gotta say, the cleansing facial was super easy on my skin and very refreshing. They'll be offering several different facial options for the ladies that night...all of these facials available in their studio daily! So even if you're not a baby club mommy, you can still get refreshed. Call them, and tell them I sent you, at 864-882-3336.


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They also have a special deal on teeth whitening this month, 5 treatments for $75! Whaaaa? Awesome! ...and, shall I mention they have a huge line of Lily goodies, that would make great gifts too. Side note: my bday is in Aug, ha.

Some other GREAT partners include Westminster's very own:

Hands On Retreat, massages, 864-647-4263,

Dale Crooks of Modern Hair, pedicures, 864-647-0302

Christi's You Name It, personalized gifts, 864-647-4716,

We will be calling club Mommies who rsvp'd in the next week or so to schedule your treatments for that night! Cheers!