Summer Storytime Classes

We're almost finished with our summer storytime! Hopefully this will be an annual tradition. Anytime I mention going to read books at the studio, Sadie goes nuts with excitement. She was literally running out of the house this morning, a stark difference to her slow mosey out the door. At the end of class, she wanted to be a big girl and read the book like the teacher. She's so funny, I love her little pretend mind lately and role playing. If I could just pause this age for just a bit longer. sigh. So we've covered some great books; The Napping House, Little Blue Truck, and Whoever You Are.

For The Napping House we explored music and making rain with our homemade rainsticks. We also played with a felt board and sequenced the story back after the reading.

For The Little Blue Truck we explored our senses by reaching in the rice bowl to find the animal characters and playing with our toy cars around the figure eight dirt track...exploring "crossing the mid-line" - google it. :) This book's storyline is soooo sweet. It's about helping each other. One of my favs for sure.

Annie read Whoever You Are by Mem Fox today. A beautiful book about celebrating the world, all people, and our similarities.

Can I just say, Annie turned me on to Mem's books and I have so fallen in love. I had bought her book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes for Sadie a few weeks ago and it has quickly become one of her favorites. Click here to read how this sweet book came about, I sooooo identify with this paragraph that she wrote, "Good ideas are as rare as a fat person in a famine. And they come from hearts, not heads. Bad ideas tend to come from people’s brains. They appear frequently and buzz about like mosquitoes, refusing to disappear. My best ideas have always come from my heart, never from my brain, but they usually arrive by an indirect route." You can hear her sing this book too, which I may work on for our next class...maybe.

Being involved heavily in cross-cultural work before I settled and started the studio I see the VALUE in EVERY.SINGLE.THING she writes about how we should celebrate our similarities and not so much our differences. We've got to be this example to our children.

So, one more storytime left at the end of the month...this means summer is passing by too. Boo!