Tea Party Birthday

Sadie Mae turns 3 today! We had a tea party last weekend to celebrate. I raided the studio for props, and some of our relatives have a beautiful garden that was just the perfect spot. I took a few shots of the details before the kids arrived. Glad I did, it was so sweet, I'll always cherish these.We had paper dolls as take home gifts, read a story and sang "I'm a little tea pot," of course! Things didn't last long, in the July heat. It was an in and out kinda party.

Such a hot day requiring a little cooling off....

....don't judge our yard. Me and the hubby have been working some major overtime the last couple weeks. AND we don't have a lawn mower at the moment. Long story. I'm sure the neighbors think we just don't care. ha!

Back to the party, a success I would say. She's growing too fast.

I'm taking some time off this week to celebrate her bday and my hubby's bday. Erica will be in the studio on Friday from 9-2 for pickups! Happy 4th of July! Oh, and thanks everyone who sent me messages telling Sadie happy bday. It's so special that you all remember her bday!