Brian & Bailee | Engagement Portraits

This time of the year is cray cray for trying to schedule afternoon portraits. Lots of thunderstorms lately. After a reschedule, we had a beautiful evening, finally. There was a storm blowing in towards the end of the session which gave us some nice hair/wind action. LOVE. I'm digging' this sweet vintage b/w film, grain look. ahhhhh. Gotta get my ole Polaroid land camera a film roll soon, for old time sake.I right away remembered Brian when we met. He was in a wedding I photographed a few years ago...he gave me the sweetest compliment about my work. Forever on my good side, Brian. Promise I won't make you do anything too embarrassing wedding day. Always extra special to get a compliment about my photography from a guy, b/c we ALL know they normally don't have an opinion about such things. I find it hilarious when moms or brides bring along the man for portrait ordering.......9 times out of 10 he says, "whatever you think hunny." Seriously, they'd be much better left at home watching a ball game... then they won't know what you're spending too. Double plus. Ha. Kidding. Sorta. Here they are, sweetness. He was stoked about photographing in "his" corn rows. I've met so many young farmers in the past couple of years. Nice to see a young generation of farmers. Hopefully they'll cash in big with this corn crop!

One last hayfield portrait that I love. He bailed and arranged them quite nicely, and the sunset, lovely....and of course the bride to be, stunning and absolutely flawless I might add!