My Journey | Personal Notes

It's been quite a summer. Completely overwhelmed if I could be honest.

Where is all this work coming from?

I was "called out" on the fact that "I don't blog so much anymore."

Seriously, it is a full time job keeping up with things that MUST be done.

Drop the gavel and call me guilty. I upload to Facebook so people can tag and I'm done. Ha.

Not gonna promise to blog more, cause blog posts that make promises drive me crazy. I always think. If you'd stop blogging about promises you could be blogging productive.

So, here's my theory. I stole it.

"You can't out give God."

Old cliche, nah. Truth!

I definitely believe that if you can use your life and your talents for greater good, you'll never lack for anything.

I'm excited about this next year of Rescued by Love (Feb to be exact, shameless plug), more so than probably ever before.

I'm also excited about some other INTERNATIONAL "give back" opportunities ahead. I believe it's coming. The time to fulfill the larger purpose....the one I've journaled about time and time again.

You'll work better, faster, quicker, longer, harder, when you're working for something beyond yourself.

Try it.