Ashley + Greg | Seneca Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Greg. Childhood friends, reunited.

I married someone who was a friend of my family too, funny how that happens...

Greg, a wine lover.

Ashley, a Greg lover. Ha!

Greg is quite the photog himself and designed their wedding crest, which was lovely!

Their daughters, such troopers. I kept thinking while posing...gosh these girls are doing awesome. I kept waiting for that breakdown moment from the smallest one (something very normal), but it never happened. Angels, yes they are.

I absolutely LOVE wedding photography.

I LOVE ceremonies, partly because the stress of posing is lifted.

I LOVE the party, and playing with my light to make things look fun.

I LOVE cake. Oh, and they had the most amazing cake, from my fav cake lady, Kathy & Co. ....however I never got to it, the 3 course meal filled me UP!

They also left in a yellow car. They have an inside joke...

Awesome to share in their day and all the events leading up to, gosh I miss my brides when it's over.

Here's their wedding day album!