Birthday Party Photography | Anderson Photographer

Kindred spirits. Me and Sarah. We love bullet lists, heck I even color code lists at times.

We adore vintage, especially milk glass.

We love, what some might consider, i.e. our husbands, over the top parties.

Simple fact is our love is in the details.

From the southern inspired buffet that offered krispie kreme doughnuts, chicken salad, and the thoughtful wishes hung on the tree.

This party was pure girly sweetness, surrounded by a white picket fence.  Seriously can it get much more perfect?

My favorite part, the turquoise cake and high chair! Whaaaa?

Probably our husbands are similar in the sense that they're pretty good at rolling with it. As I mentioned to Bobby,  it doesn't get better from here, just keep rolling my friend....

Got a party coming up? We have a great deal for baby club clients...for both birth AND birthday party photography. We really love capturing those once in a lifetime moments, its our favorite way to shoot, photojournalistically. You work so hard in the delivery room AND for the first birthday...let us capture it! You won't regret it.