Engagement Portraits | On The Farm

Lindsay and John. Just like every other engaged couple the bride-to-be is thrilled about pics. The groom-to-be, not.so.much.

But HELLO, John turned on the sweetness.

AND like every other fella, by the end, he's thinking..."that wasn't so bad"...at least I think he was.

My normal fall family portrait rush has been sprinkled with my sweet 2013 wedding couples.

Getting to know the photographer is SO key to a relaxed wedding day.

I get comfy.

They get comfy.

On wedding day it's like old friends meeting again.

Now, onward--to their engagement portraits....I'm digging some film look lately, hence the effect on the image below. I actually did shoot some film during their session, but it's currently lost in the mail. Yes, the snail mail. Hopefully soon I'll have some tidbits to show you from my new plastic 60's era toy, bringing back the 120. Yes, sir. Next up, I'll be trying my hand with some tintypes. I'm serious. Civil war era process, I'm dying to get my hands on!Nothing like a muddy aluminum barn.......the hay inside makes for really sweet shots! John being goofy. Tellin' ya, he acted like he wasn't up for it. Then pulled out some goodness!Absolutely nothing like a piggy back with the one you love. :)

That's all folks!

Have a great weekend. My plan, a little vacay with my family. I need it, this fall portrait season is in full swing and killin' me! Ciao!