Introducing my assistant's newest little helper! Her sweet girl, Nora ...and our poster child for the 2013 Rescued By Love charity event to benefit the Bryan NICU at GHS Children's Hospital. Some newborns are extra sleepy. She was definitely one.

Precious she is, and I miss her Mommy sooo much. I will be so very glad to have her back soon. It's like juggling hot potatoes around here to keep things moving. It's when you're without someone that you realize how much you need them...

Subject change: You might have heard me a bit on the radio a couple weeks ago during the Radiothon for GHS Children's Hospital. I was so happy to be a participant and when I had the chance, of course, I talked a bit about our charity event and the Wall of Hope.

So, this gal Jenn at GHS is amazing! She has been my sidekick through each charity event. I asked if she'd be able to meet me at the taping for a little moral support. Not only did she hang with me, but she took photographs! Yay! It's so often that I think, I wish I would have had a picture of what just happened....well, for this time, I do! Thanks so much to my best gal Jenn. She is an amazing facilitator of great things, and quite the photojournalist I might add! xoxo