Each day is such a precious gift. When tragedy strikes you remember this, most.

Really stinks when bad things happen to good people...

Thankfully, the aftershocks of tragedy often bring out goodness. This the case with Katie and Daniel's burglary/house fire, as I've watched so many of their friends and family rally to their aid in the last couple months.

Along with that "army of good-will" I'd like to say a special THANK YOU to Katie and Daniel's event planner Alison of Hullabaloo Events, and my wedding album supplier Asukabook! Asuka cheerfully replaced Katie & Daniel's wedding album and Alison helped me replace their engagement portraits also damaged in fire.

Together we can turn tragedy into thanksgiving.

To Katie and Daniel: we know your sweet Bonnie will never be replaced but we hope that your new sweet puppies are bringing much laughter and cheer to your home!