The Darkroom | Tintypes

Don't adjust your monitor color....these images are out of the darkroom! Yeah, with a red safelight. A good ole antique store find, in working condition. Modified somewhat to fit a tintype plate. The Polaroid Land Camera, 95.Preparing the tintype with emulsion. I should maybe be wearing gloves. This one, I didn't do such a hot job on. The emulsion wasn't warm enough.The digi shot, real quick, showing my makeshift bathroom/darkroom conversion. It's a little tricky working in those tight quarters that's for sure. Avoiding dropping things in the toilet is a skill set in itself. So, that's my new project for the year. I swear I have ADD. If I don't have something new stirring in my brain then I'm bored. I'm seriously reading two new books on my kindle, at the same time. Serious. I'll read a chapter of one then go to the other. Really. Who does that? Gah. By the way, not too impressed with the Steve Jobs biography, but that's for another post I suppose.

Heavens, seems like so long since I've posted something personal. I have lots of client stuff I could be posting from the fall/winter madness, but I'm only in the mood to play.

I love January. It's quickly becoming my favorite month.

I get a new planner.

Make my new my old goals and rejoice in all accomplished!

It's also the month for my favorite professional photographer conference. This year, hot-lanta! Boo-yah! With a closing par-tay at the aquarium. Yes, please.

So back to tintypes.

You don't see a final product yet, CAUSE THERE'S NOT ONE.

Who knew the switch from digital back to analog would be so fickle.

Anyway, I WILL master the technique and I WILL photograph brides and sleepy babies on tintypes. You watch. Right here.

Cause I'll post it when I do.


p.s. make your goals friends, make your goals.