Breast Milk NICU Initiative

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Just so you guys know our initiative this year...Breast Pumps and Trolleys for the NICU!

I love this initiative. I had tons of breastmilk for Sadie when we left the NICU. I had enough breastmilk for her from July-December. This is so important for NICU moms. It was the one thing I could do for her.

When I couldn't hold her, I could provide her with milk.

When I couldn't bathe her, I could provide her with milk.

When I couldn't love and kiss on her, I could provide her with milk.

Obviously babies so small can't actually breastfeed, so this is the only option -- to pump.

Let's do this y'all! Here's the details on what they would like to purchase.

Here's my sweet healthy 3 year old. She's excited about the event too...well, not really. She was just laughing cause Mommy is funny and I let her put a princess shirt on....