Nolan | Baby Club

Welcome sweet baby Nolan to the baby club. You've all been seeing snip-its of his session here on the blog. Here's a few more that I adore.He has the sweetest sister ever! Such a good little model, I'd like to think I trained her well....knowing that's not really the case. Her mommy loves to take pics too and I'm sure played a bigger role in that than me.

I'm sure he's changed so much in just the last couple of weeks, since these images. They grow too fast. That's why portraits within those first few days is so important.

Some Mom's think I'm crazy, but first 5 days is optimal, first 10 is do-able...past that, well, there's no guarantees. After newborn, six months portraits, the sitting stage, is best. Then the 1 year portraits, standing stage. All of those milestones our club covers, you should join!

One more image I adore...