Our Birth Story, Part III

Sure there's lots of unusual circumstances with a 1lb 7oz baby. But just like any other motherhood experience, there were key moments, bright spots.

All those first....

Her first bath. Hey, not many babies get such awesome heat lamps with the first bath!

Her first bottle. She did amazing. She's been a great eater since.

I've often wondered why I wasn't bitter about not having all the "normal baby" experiences....like, seriously, just now I realized it's because our experience was so rich and full of God's grace. Undeniable that he was among us. His hand touching her. Her brain. Her lungs. Her heart. Our heart.

So, of course.

I'm in debt.

Debt to do all I can for those in similar circumstances. To give back the love and support given to us during such an uncertain moment. People we didn't know were sending us gifts, my clients collected gifts and money, our church helped supply funds for our temporary home, someone donated an RV for us....the list goes on and on and on.

That's why I devote a part of my business to Rescued by Love, http://www.rescuedbyloveportraits.com. My motto "sharing out of brokenness to give healing to a community."

It's a simple portrait charity event that benefits the place that kept our little girl alive, the Bryan NICU at GHS Children's Hospital. To date we've raised over $20,000...we are hoping for $20,000 this year alone. All we need are 20,000 $1 votes. Considering I have half a million hits to the site during our charity event month... it's completely possible.

Voting opens today at rescuedbyloveportraits.com! Give from your heart. Give in honor of someone you know touched by NICU facilities.


Videos below that explain my heart for this project. Excuse the tears...I'm actually crying every time I write a blog post about it too. So, now you just see it with your own eyes.