Preemies and Breastmilk

You don't even have to be a mother to know the importance of breast milk for babies. In my humble opinion breast milk for preemies, even more important! As a NICU mom who pumped and stored lots of milk for Sadie Mae, the value of the the pumping supplies that were available to me can't even be numbered!

That's why I'm so excited about our fundraising this year, and our goal to raise $20,000 to help purchase pumping supplies for the Bryan NICU at GHS. Doing a little research on the pumping supplies available for the NICU I found an interesting article on the Medela website. Thought you might be interested...

Now, I definitely don't claim to be an expert on any of this....just a mom. BUT this is GREAT! For some of my friends in the NICU it was a real challenge to get breast milk...

"This is groundbreaking technology for milk extraction from mother's who have had babies, preterm.The Preemie+ Initiation Card takes on this challenge. Based on research, the Initiation Card assists in initiating and maintaining lactation in breastpump-dependent mothers. The Symphony Breastpump is the first and only breastpump to simulate the sucking rhythm of a full-term infant during both the initiation and maintenance phase of lactation." -Medela Website

You know there are lots of issues NICU parents face. If just this one thing, the best nutrition for their baby, was less stressful it could seriously make all the difference.

Thank you Bryan NICU of GHS for taking on the challenge to initiate the best nutrition for NICU babies, we are behind you 100%.

IF you love this cause you can give NOW at and put your gift towards your favorite photo, or give right on this page...use contestant number 0.

Maybe you'd like to give to buy one of the following, in honor of your baby? Lot's of parents and babies for years to come will be appreciative!

  • Medela Symphony Breastpump $925
  • Medela Symphony Trolley $293

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