Ben & Jenna | Bleckley Inn Wedding

Gorgeous. The place.

The flowers.

The bride.

In love with the style of this venue, Bleckley Inn, and shall I say in LOVE with this florist, Patricia Kinley! Hands down the BEST I've ever worked with. Instead of bringing the girls flowers in a cardboard box, they were in the most beautiful vases, with lovely tags. Serious y'all. It's about the details. People that pay attention to the details are great business owners, esp in the wedding services my humble opinion. Not to mention it made my job heaps easier.

With Jenna's wedding I'm rolling out a new album, I hope, sample in the studio soon. It has the most lovely torn edged pages, and from an eco-friendly company that I just can't get enough of! Sending these lovely pages off today for printing.... take a look, you'll fall in love with this wedding like I have.

Congrats Ben and Jenna on a beautiful wedding, but most importantly on a beautiful life together! Nothing but happiness for you two!