For the Bride-to-Be

So, I have some pretty amazing brides. They love photography and are just about "game" for anything.

Just gotta say a few words to all my brides-to-be left for this year.

Number one rule for great photos:


DON'T stress about all the details.

Is my dress getting hair falling out of I holding my flowers I smile or look serious...are my guests having a good time...

I swanny if you just ENJOY yourself and ENJOY being with your groom, magic will happen in front of the lens.

Kayla and Troy. A great example.

Since the sparklers were so huge and they had so many of them, I think they ran through the line 3 times! Just having fun. I didn't prompt them to, they just did. Which allowed me to get something magical.

I didn't prompt her to kiss him (well, at least I didn't the first time), and I definitely didn't pose her.

I also didn't tell her mom make sure you bend down so I can see your sweet happy face.

I enjoy letting things fall as they may...when they're falling in love.