Rescued By Love Calendars

I'm back! What a fantastic trip to Norway...can't wait to share some images with you guys. Just wanted to let you know quickly that time is almost out for you to order your Rescued By Love 2013 calendars! They are sold at cost for $10 each. Here's a sample from our first calendar. The dates are blank so you can use them anytime by filling in the dates appropriately! They make great Christmas gifts!

To order: email us with the quantity you need at info[at] or from the contact link above. We will then send you an invoice via paypal.

Deadline: Monday, April 22nd

Cost: $10 each - we only order the amount that are pre-ordered

Pick-up: Late May

Special Surprise!!!!! ALL 2013 participants will be featured on the back page! This to commemorate our final year of fundraising and to reward everyone for their hard work!

In case you missed it, we raised a final total of $13,000, which makes our 3 years of giving over $35,000, WOW! So, we are planning for all charity event participants, of every year, a special summertime appreciation day at the park. Stay tuned for more info!