Troy + Kayla | Southern Charm Wedding

Kayla and Troy

When they first met that lovely day, she cupped her hands over her face with emotion.

I love how he was so nervous for her, right before that moment.

Her yellow shoes. Cameo for each girl. The spread of homemade cakes, including coconut, pound cake, and fresh whipped creme.

Could this possibly spell S-O-U-T-H-E-R-N much more?

Why yes….with a menu of shrimp and grits and barbecue.   [Insert stomach growl]

Everything had her homemade touch. Just like a southern lady would insist.

From getting ready at grandma's to the fun they had on the dance floor. I too, enjoyed every moment…and really would love to relive it over and over.

Some of the sweetest people I know.