Jason & Lane | Dillon SC

The charming town of Dillon, reminds me of sweet Westminster Come to find out, a couple of my baby club clients are originally from Dillon too!

Home to the best bed and breakfast, The Columns!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful spot for photographing "getting ready."

I must say, Dillon did not disappoint with it's warm, muggy low country feel. It actually kinda kicked me in the booty. I've started a running regimen since. I've got 2 more summer weddings to prepare for...

So here we have, Jason and Lane. Sweethearts.

They opted for the first glance.... Lane worried about her ugly cry, I love it!

So precious to see a bride and groom enjoy the day together in a stress free environment. Making time for pictures to document a day they'll hold so dear for the rest of their lives.

What I remember most, a PACKED church, a HUGE cake, and a GREAT dance party...oh and LOTS of bird seed. Poor Jason and Lane, I'm sure they're still finding seed in the truck today.....kinda like the baby powder that never left my car air vents after our wedding, eek!

Here you have it....the album of their day in May!