Blowing the Whistle

Sometimes you gotta blow the whistle. Stop the game.The game of "busy." Wife,  mommy, business woman. Serving on boards, committees, the most demanding... coordinator of bill paying, grocery gathering, and clothes washing.

Pressure. Pressure. To do it all. To give everything 110%.

In late May,  my wheels came to a screeching stop with a letter that our daughter was accepted into a pre-k program. My last summer with my "baby" before big school? Seriously?

So as you can imagine, before summer, I blew the whistle and blew it LOUDLY. Decision #1: Cut studio hours back. Decision #2: Take moments planned and unplanned to be together. Decision #3: Put cooking dinner every night and finishing the home improvement list WAY on the back burner....and every other time consuming craft my little heart desired.

As a result, our summer has seriously consisted of friends, family, and Sadie's favorite activity swimming....we've definitely been pool hopping!

How lovely it's been, to have Fridays off as a family. To enjoy each other. Falling in love more with the man I married 10 years ago and the little girl who rocked my world 4 years ago.

You know, we are all in this together. Keeping each other accountable. Reminding ourselves that life is short, kids grow way too quickly, and love is worth taking the time AND making the choice for.... my husband needs me just as much as my kid does, and I need them both even more so. Truth.

My only explanation to a client's compliment that I "look great" is that I'm well rested....and perhaps I'm loving more.

It's amazing what a little prioritizing can do for the body and soul.

A few more weeks before school starts! Blow your whistle in whatever way possible...share time with one another. Before time runs out.